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Share provides a pleasant dating environment where communication has been enhanced to ensure pleasure of meeting and a continued joy to bring you the fundamentals of a solid relationship. Our objectives are to creative long lasting and important relationships to encourage our members to become couples. Online Dating Community provides these safety tips but meeting people either online or offline, involves some safety precautions common sense and trust. heart

yes We encourage our members to initially limit contact and communications to Our chat systems and other private communication systems are quite simple but yet complex, so when a member invites you to chat somewhere else outside our systems. We encourage you to refuse, you should rather become prudent of such scammers and fraudsters, while immediately discontinuing communications with any member who requires financial information from you or attempts in any way to subtract your finances or trick you into revealing it.

mail We encourage our members to protect their contact information. This will help us also while we try to track mis-conducting members. In my “Profile” section, click on it and it takes you to “Manage”, there you will be able to set profile to public, private, or select particular profiles who may view your profile. Never issue out your last name, e-mail address, home address, phone number, place of work, or any other identity information in your online profile or initial e-mail messages.   

enlightened We encourage our members to adopt certain communication strategies.

When you initiate communication with someone you do not know, watch out for certain degrees of displays of anger, frustration, anxiety, double game, un healthy questions while you chat or cam.  Insisting on a topic or question which your partner or date refuses to answer.  When communicate on the phone, the person may tend to contradict information that he has already provided. Be it through chats, cams or on profile. By adopting the right online communication strategies, you would be kept out of emotional and all types of trouble.

cool We encourage our members to Request a photograph, a photograph will teaches you a lot about a person. You could only move the chat to telephone communication only when you are completely comfortable with someone.  A person's voice tells you the necessary things about a given person, how he or she acts and lots more. Prudence might become of rigor even when you are head over hill in love. Monitor your time line regularly.

angel We encourage you to adopt a safety strategy when organizing your meet-ups. Once you have moved from chatting to phone conversations, you will be interested in meeting the person you are communicating with in real time. While this constitutes a progressive approach to any relationship that begins online, we encourage you to ensure that you organize a meet-up only when you are really serious to continue with your date. Please break the communication with any member once you observe that he is exerting pressure on you. Meet-ups must be by your own wish and free of all obligations. Meet-ups must be organized in safe zone. Never forget to tell  family & friends, when you are leaving, where you are going and when you will return as well as the exact person you will be seeing                                             

Profile creation strategies

Protect your identity: we encourage you to make sure you are quite anonymous. Never say where you work or your surname. Protect your password and your personal phone number.


Check the identity of your date: You have seen or found someone that interests you. Why not check if the person is registered in twitter, facebook and other social networks. You could also use city or state databases or information systems or paid information networks to ensure the person is real.  


Never send your money! Never give out your payment card details, even when the person pretends to be in difficulty. Because these fraudstars are never in difficulty, they are there to take advantage of Kind minded people like you and I.  


Do inform Us of any member who asks you for any financial aid or details: Also we encourage you to inform the necessary authorities. Your action might save a kind person somewhere else because the problem with such fraudstars is that they are registered in several dating sites and social networks with different profile details.


Do not hesitate to block a member when you discover that he /she is having character problem. We will then monitor him/her and delete his or her profile.

Be careful during meet ups to protect your personal belongings: telephone, cards, handbags. Never take alcohols to ensure that all your senses are at full alert. Never accept a Meet up in an isolated place, in your apartment, or your work place. Never leave your drink without monitoring. It’s true that we are quite extreme in our security advice to you, but we want our members to be happy.

Be quite conscious of anyone in any site that begins to Love You like never, instantly: The want to marry you overnight, they could not sleep because of you. It is not true. It is pretence to get hold of the emotional you, then get into your finances to enrich their pockets and their lives at the expense of you while leaving your in financial difficulty and deprived of your joy. Beware of such people because they leave you with emotional and financial problems on the go. They want your phone, email and all contacts even your house address immediately. Never be naïve. Please. He / She wants them, or he leaves you. Don’t worry, Don’t give your details, let him/ her go. You are worth more than you think.

                                                                                                                                                 Modified on 2nd August, 2016.


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